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The Alps are home to epic mountain biking trails, and make for a great hot-spot for multi-day bikepacking tours. The proximity of towns to one another, as well as the excellent mountain hut system, makes this possible with relatively little weight on the bike and a lot more comfort than can be found for such a tour in other parts of the world.

Our mountain bike tours include a transalp with the mountain bike. Riding transalp not only brings you through multiple countries and varied terrain, but it also happens to be one of the favorite past-times of mountain bikers who live in Europe. We also offer a hut to hut mountain bike tour in the Dolomites, something very special that only works in the Alps.

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Person on a mountain biking tour in the Alps

9 days

Mountain Bike self-guided through Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Italy; passing castles and enjoying breathtaking mountain views. This mountain bike tour presents little technical difficulty, but requires adequate conditioning for the daily elevation gain.

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Mountain biking in the dolomites

6 days

The Dolomites are a mountain biking paradise! Mountain bike from the most northern city in Italy through the scenic Dolomites and end your adventure at the warmest lake in the Alps.

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