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COVID-19 Updates

The huts in the Alps are operating as usual without any restrictions. We aren't currently aware of any entry requirement restrictions.


Entry Requirements: Each country has its own entry requirements. This varies even amongst European Union member countries. It is generally one or a combination of: proof of vaccination, a negative COVID test, proof of immunity (due to a recent COVID infection). Alpenventures customers are responsible for verifying the entry requirements to their country and for ensuring they have all the documentation at the time of departure.

Here are some details to pay attention to:

  • Not all vaccinations are approved in all countries. Double-check and make sure that your vaccination is approved in the country you are traveling into, and returning to
  • Many countries don't consider a vaccine effective until a certain amount of time has passed. Make sure you can meet those requirements
  • There are a variety of different COVID tests in circulation, and each country has a list of the types of COVID tests they will accept. We get that this is a little complex, but it is important to ensure that your covid test is approved in the country you are traveling to
  • There is almost always a time limit on the negative COVID test requirement. This can make timing for your test very tricky because you'll need to take it early enough to have results, but close enough to your departure date that it will be valid. And in some countries, different types of tests are valid for different lengths of time.
  • Plan ahead for your COVID test and make sure you know whether or not you need an appointment, how long the test results take to get back, and how much it costs. Double-check all this information about a week before your test, because the COVID testing landscape has been changing rapidly
  • If you are presenting proof of immunity from a previous infection, make sure you know what information is required on your document

We still recommend that all customers, even those who are vaccinated, continue to take preventative measures while traveling. These measures include washing and sanitizing hands frequently and wearing a mask over the mouth and nose when indoors or around others.

Airline Requirements: Some airlines have their own requirements for traveling. These often include the documentation discussed above (proof of vaccination, negative COVID test, proof of immunity). It is important to know what these are. Most airlines require all passengers, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks throughout the duration of the flight (even for overnight flights). Some airlines will even specify what type of mask it is necessary to wear.

Hut Requirements: Pandemic-related requirements at the mountain huts vary, but many huts require wearing masks in the hallways and dining area (when not eating), will require you to bring your own hand santizer, and many are not providing blankets and are instead requiring that guests bring a full sleeping bag.

Return Travel: It is important to know the requirements for returning to your home country. COVID testing is widely available throughout Europe, so obtaining a COVID test prior to returning is not likely to be an issue. The following airports offer rapid tests (often referred to as antigen tests) on site. These results are often available within 15 minutes and are even free at some airports:

Geneva, Switzerland

Munich, Germany

Venice, Italy

Milan, Italy

In the rare case that your return country does not allow rapid tests (often referred to as antigen tests), it may be necessary to book an extra night or two in a hotel before departure. We are happy to assist with that at cost (there will be no additional service surcharge).