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Responsible Travel with Alpenventures UNGUIDED

We love our planet and the people in it, so it's important to us that our tours have a positive impact on both. 

Human-powered adventure travel is already low-impact by design. At Alpenventures UNGUIDED, we have several initiatives to make your travel even more responsible.

Carbon offsetting for Adventure Travel

Carbon Offsetting

We offset 1 metric ton of carbon for each customer.  

For each customer, we contribute 1 carbon credit (1 metric ton) toward distributing more efficient cookstoves in Rwanda, planting more trees or funding renewable energy products around the globe.

Wildflowers in Austria hike

Responsible Travel Score

We use our Responsible Travel Scorecard to assess each of our tours and the responsible nature of the accommodation, transportation, and the impact on the local communities.

Hiking around Mont Blanc

Voluntary Responsible Travel Pledge

We ask our customers to commit to adhering to standards during their tours that minimize impact on both the natural environment and the local communities.

Take the Voluntary Responsible Travel Pledge

Hiking the Alta Via 1

Sustainable by Design

  • We are a virtual company working digitally from home offices, reducing our overall footprint on the environment and consumption of space

  • We reduce our consumption of single-use plastic and we encourage our customers to take measures to do the same while traveling

  • We are paperless not only in the office, but provide our customers with an app and tour information that does not require any printing

Do your part:

Every one of us has to step up and do what you can according to what your resources are.

-Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia