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Tour du Mont Blanc Self Guided Itineraries

GO do the Tour du Mont Blanc Self-Guided

The Tour du Mont Blanc trek is the most iconic hike in the Alps. We offer itineraries of various lengths with the option for luggage transfer and the option for airport to airport service, meaning we'll book all your accommodation and transportation

TMB 15-day

Relaxed Itinerary

Enjoy the Tour du Mont Blanc to its fullest. This itinerary allows ample time to enjoy the villages and restaurants along the way and even includes a rest day in Courmayeur. Recommended for those unsure about their fitness level on the trail.

From 2,320€ Tax Included

TMB 10-day

Comfort Itinerary

Complete the TMB in full comfort, staying in the best accommodations the TMB has to offer. We have planned this itinerary around the feasibility of luggage transportation, as well as our favorite accommodations along the route.

From 2,460€ Tax Included

TMB 10-day

Standard Itinerary

This is the classic way to do the Tour du Mont Blanc. A 10-day circuit of the tour is a challenge, but it gives enough time to cover the entire tour and to enjoy everything it has to offer. This is our recommended itinerary for most hikers.

From 1,490€ Tax Included

TMB 8-day

Rushed Itinerary

If you don't have the time to do the standard 10-day itinerary, this is a great way to complete the circuit on a tight schedule. This itinerary uses lifts and other transportation options to make the route feasible in 8 days. A high fitness level is required.

From 1,160€ Tax Included

TMB 7-day

Ultra Rush Itinerary

This itinerary is almost the same as the 8-day Rush Itinerary, except it leaves off the last connection between La Flégère and Le Brévent. The last day on this itinerary is a challenge and the entire itinerary requires a high level of fitness.  

From 990€ Tax Included

TMB 6-day

Northern Half Itinerary

When you don't have time to do the entire Tour du Mont Blanc, doing half of it is a great option. Beginning in Courmayeur and ending in Chamonix, the northern half of the Tour du Mont Blanc delivers incredible views and comfortable accommodation options.

From 830€ Tax Included

TMB 5-day

Southern Half Itinerary

When you don't have time to do the entire Tour du Mont Blanc, doing half of it is a great option. Beginning in Chamonix and ending in Courmayeur, the southern half of the Tour du Mont Blanc covers the most remote section of the trail, offering incredible views. The accommodation on the southern half is more basic than the northern half..

From 670€ Tax Included