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Tour du Mont Blanc South 5-day Itinerary TMB-5S

Hiking Tour du Mont Blanc
Hiking Tour du Mont Blanc Self Guided
Tur du Mont Blanc Hike
TMB Self Guided
Hiking Tour du Mont Blanc


  • GO take in the food and culture in two different countries: France and Italy
  • GO enjoy breathtaking views and high passes while circling the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc
  • GO enjoy the most remote stretch of the Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc, or TMB Trek as it is also called, is the most famous hut-to-hut hiking tour in the Alps, and for good reason. The full Tour du Mont Blanc hike loops around the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc, which towers over the surrounding landscape at 4,808 meters above sea level. In addition to traveling through some of the most spectacular terrain in the Alps, a full rotation on the Tour du Mont Blanc brings you through France, Switzerland, and Italy.
This itinerary covers the southern section of the Tour du Mont Blanc, which travels through more remote sections of the Tour du Mont Blanc than the Northern section. The accommodation on this half is simpler and rustic, as well as more sparse. Both halves are equally stunning. ​

We love the Tour du Mont Blanc, but it is not for everybody. This is a very demanding hike with a lot of elevation gain over high passes. There is also an exposed section of ladders that is not everybody's cup of tea (this can be bypassed). Thanks to its popularity, the Tour du Mont Blanc is becoming increasingly crowded and expensive. We do encourage you to take a look at our other Trekking Tours before deciding for the TMB.​

Although this tour is feasible from mid-June to late August, it is likely to encounter problematic snowfields in late-June.

Length        5 days

Season        mid-June to late August

Airport       Geneva, Switzerland alternately, Milan

Physical Condition High

Technical Difficulty

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Responsible Travel Score:
11/15 Responsible Traveler
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Skills Required
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Season and Timing

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Current Availability

Updated: May 8th, 2024

We are still successfully booking Tour du Mont Blanc itineraries for summer 2024!

Although availability is already limited on the route, and itinerary planning is currently extremely complex, we have years of experience booking Tour du Mont Blanc itineraries up until the last minute.

Due to limited availability, most itineraries will require off-trail accommodation that requires a bus or taxi transfer (not included). Most private rooms and comfort accommodations are now only available off-trail. Creative solutions are required for most itineraries, which may include longer days, adding an extra day to the itinerary, bypassing a section by bus and/or using upgraded accommodation for an additional fee. Availability is minimal in June, July and September. It is limited in August, but an itinerary is more likely if you have a flexible start date.

We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks of flexibility, but we are able to book the best itineraries for customers who provide us with 4 to 6 weeks of flexibility. There is more availability throughout the summer for solo hikers with a flexible start date, most of which will be in dormitory accommodation.

Due to current availability, we encourage smaller groups. Groups of 1 or 2 are ideal. Bookings for groups of more than 4 are extremely challenging and may require a lot of creativity and flexibility. The flexibility required for large groups at this point includes flexible dates, staying in dormitory accommodation, using off-trail accommodation, AND doing a larger day or two. We do still have availability for larger groups on our Bernese Oberland Traverse.

Note that we do have a limited number of Guaranteed Dates available on our 11-day Tour du Mont Blanc Stretch Itinerary. Of these, there are a very limited number of dates available in August for parties of two with all private rooms – guaranteed. You can view which dates are currently available here.

Feel free to check out our Yard Sale for 20% off of confirmed tours that have been canceled by other customers.

If private rooms are important to you, an alternative option is the Bernese Oberland Traverse. This is a stunning route that has similarities to the Tour du Mont Blanc, and there is still plenty of availability for itineraries with private rooms.

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These photos display the entire Tour du Mont Blanc, and not just the southern section