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The Alta Via 1 (AV1) trek is one of the most famous hiking trails in the Dolomites, and it lives up to its promise. Although it doesn't travel through villages like the Tour du Mont Blanc does, the rifugios (mountain huts) you stay at along the way offer up loads of Italian charm and heaps of Italian food. You'll experience brilliant green meadows, rugged monoliths towering overhead, and plenty of World War I history as you pass by former battlefields and fortification remnants.

There are multiple variations to the AV1. There are a couple exposed and sketchy sections along this route (most can be avoided). A via ferrata lies at the very end of the Alta Via I, but our route exits beforehand, as few hikers complete this via ferrata, and it requires carrying via ferrata gear the entire length of the tour. Depending on the exact routing, the AV1 covers 106 kilometers (66 miles) with 6,890 meters (22,605 feet) of ascent. Most hikers take 7 to 13 days to complete the trek, depending on fitness level and preferences.

The Alta Via 1 is a challenging undertaking. It is beautiful and charming, but with over 800 serviced mountain huts in the Alps, it is not the only hut hiking option. We recommend thoroughly reading the information below to determine if this tour is the best pick for your Alps adventure.

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