MB2 Hut to Hut with a Mountain Bike

in the Italian Dolomites

GO take on a challenge biking hut to hut in the Dolomites

GO experience the Alps · GO live your bucket list · GO where your colleagues can't find you

27-Col de Locia


  • GO get your flow on with technical single track optimized for maximum fun in and out of the saddle

  • GO enjoy the most dramatic views of any of our bike tours while cycling through the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site

  • GO  be a history buff and explore the military trails and sites left from World War I

The Dolomites are a mountain biking paradise! Mountain bike from the most northern city in Italy through the scenic Dolomites and end your adventure at the warmest lake in the Alps. On this tour, you’ll enjoy incredible views, great trail, amazing food, cozy mountain huts and charming hotels.


Photo credit: Roland Neueder

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Hut to Hut Mountain Bike Tour Itinerary

Distance may vary based on accommodation

Additional Information

Airport: Innsbruck, Austria

The Munich, Germany airport may be used as an alternative for an additional 255€, which includes transportation between Munich and Innsbruck, as well as one hotel evening in Munich. This adds one additional day onto the entire tour. Flights into Innsbruck from N. America can be quite expensive, and we recommend exploring the option to travel to Munich, as it may save money on the overall cost of the trip.

Season: July to mid-September

This tour can also be completed outside of these dates; however, there is a higher risk of impassable stretches on the tour and possible detours.

Skills and Experience Required

Physical Condition: High Technical Difficulty: High Read more about Difficulty Ratings Skills Required: General mountain biking and navigation skills Ability to navigate trails up to an S4 difficulty rating Basic bike repair (recommended) This route is made up of the following: Asphalt: 25% Dirt Road: 62% Trails: 13% Walking: Approximately 2 hours


Day 1- Land and stay in a hotel in Innsbruck (not included in the Ultralight Package) Day 2- Travel just over an hour on two trains and arrive at the starting point of the route in a charming, medieval town. Pick up your bike if you have rented one. Enjoy the atmosphere and history, and overnight in a hotel (not included in the Ultralight Package) Day 3- Ride 50 km. (31 miles), gaining 2,050 m. (6,726 ft.) of elevation to the first mountain hut at 1,894 m. (6,214 ft.) Day 4- Ride 48 km. (30 miles), gaining 1,600 m. (5,429 ft.) to a hotel in a picturesque ski village Day 5– Ride 57 km. (35 miles), gaining 1,840 m. (6,037 ft.) to a mountain hut located at 1,548 m. (5,079 ft.) Day 6- Ride 33 km. (21 miles), gaining 1,450 m. (4,757 ft.) past World War I historic sites to a mountain hut located at 2,432 m. (7,979 ft.) Day 7- Ride 57 km. (35 miles), gaining 1,400 m. (4,593 ft.) to a mountain hotel. Relax in the whirlpool in the wellness area, and enjoy the views Day 8 – Ride 45 km. (28 miles), gaining 800 m. (2,625 ft.) of elevation, completing the tour at a castle hotel, just off the shore of the warmest lake in the Alps. Enjoy a dip in the water and some relaxation Day 9- Ride 7 minutes to the train station, and travel on two trains approximately 2 ½ hours back to Innsbruck. Adventurers who rented a bike will stop to return the bike, and will require more time for travel. Stay at a hotel in Innsbruck (not included in the Ultralight Package) Day 10- Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and depart (not included in the Ultralight Package)

Bike Rental

Mountain Bike rental is available for an additional 80€ just north of Sterzing, the startpoint of the tour. We will provide our customers with the contact information for the bike rental as well as detailed information for pick-up and drop-off, but cannot guarantee the quality of the rental bikes.

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Included in all packages

  • Exclusive access to tours in a navigation app, even when offline

  • Personalized eGuidebook containing maps, daily itinerary, accommodation information and more

  • GPX File

  • Optional Airport to Airport full service booking

  • Booking and logistics assistance during your tour

  • Unlimited time spent answering your questions

  • Peace of mind by leaving the planning and booking to local experts

  • More time for the important things in life 

*When booked 2 or more months in advance


Airport to Airport Package from Innsbruck Public


  • 2 nights 2-star hotel in Innsbruck

  • 1 night 2-star hotel at the end of the tour (Kalterer See)

  • Return transportation to Innsbruck (with stop in Sterzing to return bicycle if necessary)

  • All transportation between Innsbruck Airport and hotels (public transportation)

Airport to Airport Package from Munich Public


  • 2 nights 2-star hotel in Munich

  • 1 night 2-star hotel at the end of the tour (Kalterer See)

  • Return transportation to Innsbruck (with stop in Sterzing to return bicycle if necessary) 

  • All transportation between Munich Airport and hotels (public transportation)

All prices are per person

*Private transportation packages require a minimum of double occupancy

Not included

  • Fees for any additional transportation

  • Repair service

  • Support vehicle

  • Paper map

  • Flights

  • Beverages

  • Any meals not specified

  • Sheets at mountain huts (a sleeping bag liner or travel sheet is required: read more)

  • Some accommodations charge tourist or city taxes that must be paid on site. These rarely exceed 2€ per person per night  


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