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This is the perfect combination of exploring on your own, yet having someone help you plan a trip which is otherwise quite complex to put together.

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Hiking tours in the French Alps bring hikers back to the origins of Alpinism. Dramatic skylines, green meadows and endless charm are all characteristics of hikes in the French Alps. While only a small portion of France is covered in mountains, the portion that is should not be overlooked. Chamonix is the hub of outdoor adventure in France, but there is still much to be discovered beyond the hustle and bustle of what is considered to be the birthplace of alpinism.

While the Tour du Mont Blanc does go through France (as well as Switzerland and Italy), we recommend our Hut to Hut in the French Alps if you really want to experience French charm.

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The Tour du Mont Blanc, or TMB as it is also called, is the most famous hut-to-hut hiking tour in the Alps, known for its quaint villages and impressive views. This 10-day hiking tour loops around the highest mountain the in Alps, Mont Blanc, which towers over the surrounding landscape at 4,808 meters above sea level.

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7 days

Nestled in a dramatic corner of the French Alps, snug against the Swiss border, and hours away from the hustle and bustle in the Mont Blanc region, this hut to hut hike delivers all the beauty, nature, and charm that your heart may desire.

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