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Alta Via 1 Self Guided 13-day Relaxed AV1-13

Trail markings on the Alta Via 1
Green meadows on the AF1
Views near Rifugio Coldai on the Alta Via 1
One of the last passes on the AV1
Looking back at Passo Falzarego on the Via Alta


  • GO hike hut to hut across the Italian Dolomites, which are cherished for their unique beauty and war history
  • GO back in time and immerse yourself in World War I history
  • GO take alternate routings to enjoy comfortable trails that avoid exposure that is typical on trails throughout the Dolomites and the Alps

The Alta Via 1 trek is Italy's highlight long-distance hiking trail and leads awe-struck hikers through the Dolomites from north to south. This route is famous, and for very good reason. Along the way are a multitude of comfortable mountain huts. What makes this tour truly stand out is the World War I history, as it passes by former battlefields, fortification remnants, and other clues that this serene environment was not always so peaceful. We recommend doing some reading on World War I history in the Dolomites before the tour, to make it that much more interesting.
Spreading the Alta Via 1 out over 13 days makes each day on the trek easier, and allows plenty of time to enjoy this majestic place.

​There are multiple variations to the Alta Via 1, and we have chosen primarily routes that are comfortable for most hikers, meaning minimum exposure. A via ferrata lies at the very end of the Alta Via I, but our route exits beforehand. If you are interested in the via ferrata, please reach out to us and let us know, so we can plan your tour accordingly.
Before committing to the Alta Via 1, we definitely recommend you check out our self-guided itineraries for the Best of the Dolomites Trek as well.

Alta Via 1 – 2023 Booking Update
Updated January 6, 2023


We are successfully booking itineraries for the Alta Via 1. Although the accommodations are filling up earlier than normal this year, we are still booking great itineraries.

Due to the tight booking situation this year, we recommend you book as soon as you are ready.

We can book the best itineraries for customers who provide us with a flexible date range (the bigger the better). If private rooms are a priority for you, a flexible date range of 2 to 4 weeks is best. If you are unable to provide such a wide date range, we do have some alternate accommodations we can use that aren’t located directly on the route, but still are not disruptive to your itinerary.

Note: Many books and blogs mention early September as a “less-crowded” time to visit the Alta Via 1. However, for the past two years, the huts have been booked up for September even before they were booked up for July or August. There is currently more availability on the Alta Via 1 in July and August than there is in September. Pushing later into September doesn’t bring any advantages, because the huts at the beginning of the route stay full until mid-September and the huts at the end of the route close around September 20th. We currently recommend July and August for Alta Via 1 tours. We discourage June bookings due to likely snow conditions on the route.

Length        13 days

Season        July through early-September

Airport       Airport: Venice, Italy

Physical Condition

Technical Difficulty

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Responsible Travel Score:
12/15 Responsible Travel Leader
(detailed summary available in Tour Documents)

Only 20% payment due at the time of booking!

Tour Media

Skills Required
Tour Documents

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Booking Process

  1. Initiate the booking process by selecting the green button labeled, GO Book the Tour
  2. Complete the fields in the booking process and continue on to process the deposit (usually 20%, sometimes 30%) via Paypal (Paypal account not needed)
  3. We'll start checking availability and working on your bookings. As long as there is availability, we will book the accommodations and send you your eGuidebook within 21 days of the booking (this may take longer for custom tours and last-minute tours). This will include GPS waypoints of the accommodations and will be in a format that can be saved on your smartphone for convenient use on the tour. If any changes need to be made during the tour, there will be a phone number available to you during the tour, although additional charges may apply

If there are any issues with availability, we will contact you and work with you to find an alternative solution. If we are unable to find one, we will refund the deposit in full.

The remaining balance for the tour is due 30 days prior to the first date of the tour.

Group Discount

Only one discount will be applied per tour participant. Discounts are only applicable to tours. Discounts are not applicable to fees or additional services, such as Airport to Airport Packages or bicycle rentals.

Groups of 6 or more: 15% discount for all participants & customize an existing tour without Customization Fees

Packages and Pricing

Included in all packages

  • Exclusive access to tours in a navigation app, even when offline
  • Custom eGuidebook containing maps, daily itinerary, accommodation information and more
  • GPX File
  • Carbon offsetting for your tour (1 metric ton per customer)
  • Optional Airport to Airport full service booking
  • Booking and logistics assistance during your tour
  • Unlimited time spent answering your questions
  • Peace of mind by leaving the planning and booking to local experts
  • More time for the important things in life

Comfort Package

Almost Luxury

Not Available

13 days

  • All Prices are Per Person

  • No Fees Apply

Classic Package


2,180€ tax included*

Single Occupancy +120€

13 days

Ultralight Package

Best for Budget Adventurers

1,800€ tax included*

Single Occupancy Included

13 days

*Last-minute booking fees apply when booked less than two months in advance:
Within 2 months of tour start date: 50€ per person
Within 1 month of tour start date: 100€ per person

**The term "room" at a mountain hut varies greatly from hut to hut. These are often shared rooms that are smaller than the dormitories. Rooms book quickly at the huts. When there is no availability, you may end up in the dormitory. Should this happen, we will adjust pricing accordingly.


Airport to Airport Package from Venice Public

+2 days


  • 1 night in a simple hotel near Lago di Braies or Venice

  • 1 night in a simple hotel in Belluno or Venice
  • Transportation between Venice and Cortina d'Ampezzo, as well as Belluno and Venice (public transportation)

  • Note: there are 3 required bus transfers that must be paid in cash on site. We will provide timetables for these


The Airport to Airport Package is not customizable


Airport to Airport Package from Venice Private

+2 days


  • 1 night in a 4-star hotel at Lago di Braies or Venice (based on availability)

  • 1 night in a 4-star hotel in Belluno or Venice (based on availability)
  • Transportation between Venice and Lago di Braies; the end of the tour at La Pissa and Belluno;  as well as Belluno and Venice (private transportation)


The Airport to Airport Package is not customizable

This add-on lowers the Responsible Travel Score from 12 to 9 points
Rest Day 

+1 day


  • Add on an extra night at a hut included in the itinerary


Luggage Transportation from

Cortina d'Ampezzo to Belluno

(up to 3 25kg bags)


  • This requires a stay at hotels in Cortina d'Ampezzo rather than at Lago di Braies the night before the tour, and a hotel in Belluno the night after the tour

This add-on lowers the Responsible Travel Score from 12 to 10 points

For this add-on, luggage is driven approximately 60 km. by taxi. Thanks to the huts, you can easily carry the items you need in a backpack and avoid this option. Check out our Packing Resources on our Staying in Mountain Huts Page, and check to see if we have an upcoming Free Webcast on Packing for more information.

Luggage Transportation from

Lago di Braies to 3 refuges and Belluno

(up to 3 25kg bags)

  • This requires a stay at hotels in Lago di Braies (or alternately Toblach-Dobbiaco) the night before the tour, and a hotel in Belluno the night after the tour


This add-on lowers the Responsible Travel Score from 12 to points

For this add-on, luggage is driven approximately 160 km. around the tour in a taxi. Thanks to the huts, you can easily carry the items you need in a backpack and avoid this option. Check out our Packing Resources on our Staying in Mountain Huts Page, and check to see if we have an upcoming Free Webcast on Packing for more information.

All prices are per person

*Private transportation packages require a minimum of double occupancy

Not included

-Paper map
-Emergency response and rescue
-Any meals not specified
-Sheets at mountain huts (a sleeping bag liner or travel sheet is normally required - during COVID a full sleeping bag may be required)
-Fees for any additional transportation used during the hiking tour, such as lifts, gondolas, and buses
-Some accommodations charge tourist or city taxes that must be paid on site. These rarely exceed 2€ per person per night