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Alpenventures UNGUIDED provides easy trip planning for outdoor adventurers, facilitating access to exceptional experiences which would otherwise be complex and time consuming to plan. Our self-guided customers travel beyond the classic routes, reaching more diverse and local experiences in the Alps.  In short, Alpenventures UNGUIDED delivers the planning convenience of a guided trip without the cost of a guide.

What WE Do
  • Find the best adventures in the Alps for you
  • Answer your questions and provide great customer service
  • Book all huts and hotels
  • Book transportation 
  • Provide maps and a detailed tour plan in an eBook format
  • Assist with any re-booking required during the tour
  • Save you an estimated 15 to 24 hours of research and planning time
What YOU Do
  • Choose your adventure using our online store format
  • Choose your own dates and adventure buddies
  • Book your tour & your flights
  • Review the provided tour plan
  • Pack and train
  • Make your own decisions about routing and safety during the tour
  • Enjoy your adventure!
Brittany Haas
Chief Adventure Officer &


Ismaning GERMANY

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A Message from the Chief Adventure Officer

Welcome to the Alpenventures UNGUIDED website! We are a new company that is focused on transforming and simplifying adventure planning for those of us who do not need, or want to pay for, a guide.


When I moved to Germany in 2012, I was ready to take advantage of everything the Alps have to offer. This didn't exactly work out as planned for two reasons:

  1) I couldn't find the information I needed in English through internet searches

  2) I was expecting to exactly replicate the adventurous life I lived in Colorado in a new, and different mountain range with different characteristics


To put it mildly, my adventuring slowed down significantly. Luckily, things are now back to normal since learning German and spending a lot of time in the Alps. My goal today is to help you maximize your adventuring in the Alps, by taking care of the organization of the best adventures the Alps have to offer! 

Planning adventures is not new to me. As somebody who loves adventure, I have planned and organized various types of adventures not only for groups of friends, but also in my former role as a Trip Leader for the Colorado Mountain Club. Let's just say I have a sort of reputation for my detailed preparation and organization, which always includes back-up plans in case flexibility is required. 


The plan is to expand beyond the Alps, and to transform adventure planning for adventures all around the world. To do that, we need your support. Of course, choosing one of our tours is a great way to do that! We would also love for you to tell your friends about us, sign up for our newsletter and engage with us on social media.

I wish you very happy adventuring!

Best regards,

Brittany Haas

Chief Adventure Office and Geschäftsführerin

Alpenventures UNGUIDED

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