VF1 Dolomites Via Ferrata Hut Experience


  • Negotiate narrow rock ledges and scale sheer cliffs on exposed ladders using the extensive via ferrata network in the Dolomites

  • Despite its relatively low via ferrata technical difficulty level (mostly B on the Schall Scale), this tour includes one of the most famous multi-day traverses in the Dolomites and offers breathtaking views

  • Overnight at charming mountain huts, offering Italian hospitality at its finest

The intense experience and stunning views on this tour might fool you into thinking it is more difficult than it is. Thanks to a gondola ride at the start of the tour, and the nature of these relatively easy (mostly B on the Schall Scale) via ferratas that traverse narrow rock ledges characteristic to this region of the Dolomites, adventurers may not sweat quite as much as they expect to.

This via ferrata tour winds its way through the Dolomites, using charming mountain huts for overnight spots, and increases gradually in technical difficulty as it goes. There are two main cruxes on this tour. The first is an optional extended glacier crossing, making crampons a requirement for this tour (crampons are required even for those opting out of the extended glacier crossing), and one of the descents off the via ferrata down to a hut, which presents the option of either very steep and loose scree, or a glacier descent.  

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*When booked 3 or more months in advance

**The term "room" at a mountain hut varies greatly from hut to hut. Please see the itinerary for more information on what"room" means at each of the huts. Please keep in mind that these book quickly. When there is no availability, you may end up in the dormitory.

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