VF1 Dolomites Via Ferrata Hut Experience

GO Climb Via Ferratas in the Italian Dolomites Self-guided

GO experience the Alps · GO live your bucket list · GO where your colleagues can't find you


  • GO negotiate narrow rock ledges and scale sheer cliffs on exposed ladders using the extensive via ferrata network in the Dolomites

  • GO  experience one of the most famous multi-day traverses in the Dolomites and soak in all the breathtaking views

  • GO  overnight at charming mountain huts, offering Italian hospitality at its finest

The intense experience and stunning views on this tour might fool you into thinking it is more difficult than it is. Thanks to a gondola ride at the start of the tour, and the nature of these relatively easy (mostly B on the Schall Scale) via ferratas that traverse narrow rock ledges characteristic to this region of the Dolomites, adventurers may not sweat quite as much as they expect to.

This via ferrata tour winds its way through the Dolomites, using charming mountain huts for overnight spots, and increases gradually in technical difficulty as it goes. There are two main cruxes on this tour. The first is an optional extended glacier crossing, making crampons a requirement for this tour (crampons are required even for those opting out of the extended glacier crossing), and one of the descents off the via ferrata down to a hut, which presents the option of either very steep and loose scree, or a glacier descent.  

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Airport: Venice, Italy

It is possible to customize this tour to any airport.

Season: mid-July to August

The huts for his tour are projected to be open from June 20th to September 20th. The huts may change their opening days at any time due to weather and conditions. Alpenventures UNGUIDED will not be responsible if a hut is not open during your booked trip, however, we will work very closely with you to find a solution or alternative. We strongly urge adventurers to do the tour from mid-July to August. This is to avoid encounters with snowfields on the route as much as possible, as they can be very technical and dangerous on a via ferrata.

Skills and Experience Required

Physical Condition: Middle Technical Difficulty: Middle Skills Required: General hiking and navigation skills Alpine hiking experience Via Ferrata difficulty up to B/C (Schall Scale) Comfort with exposure Use of crampons in order to safely cross non-technical glaciers* The following are included in the original itinerary, but can be avoided: Via Ferrata difficulty up to C/D *There are very few crevassed areas, and they can be easily avoided It is important to emphasize that due to rapid glacier melt, the conditions transitioning between the via ferratas and the glaciers can change from year to year. It is important to have a short rope available to use in the case that the distance between the via ferrata and the glacier increases.


Day 1- Land and stay in a hotel in Venice (not applicable for the Ultralight Package) Day 2- Transfer to the start of the tour, and travel by gondola (not included) to the beginning of the first via ferrata. Hike 3 hours, gaining only 64 m. (210 ft.) of elevation Day 3- Hike and climb 6 ¼ hours to the next hut, gaining 693 m. (2,274 ft.) of elevation. The ferrata is B-level Day 4- Complete two via ferratas of B/C difficulty, taking approximately 8 hours to arrive at the next hut, gaining 346 m. (1,135 ft.) of elevation. The planned tour of this day requires crampons (and an optional ice axe), The day can be shortened by doing only one of the via ferratas, which simplifies the glacier crossing. Day 5- Enjoy a via ferrata of B/C difficulty and expect to be on the trail for 7 hours, and gain 346 m. (1,135 ft.) of elevation. The descent to the hut on this day is one of the two cruxes on this tour. There are two route choices: one down a steep scree slope, and the other down the glacier. We recommend crampons for this day. Day 6- This is a demanding day on a very famous via ferrata, which is rated C/D in difficulty. The tour lasts approximately 7 ½ hours, and gains 546 m. (1,791 ft.) in elevation. Return to a hut, and take a hikers bus back to a renowned ski resort down in the valley to overnight (not applicable for the Ultralight Package) Day 7- Transfer to Venice and depart (not applicable for the Ultralight Package)

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Airport to Airport Package from Milan Public

+2 days


  • 2 nights budget hotel in Madonna di Campiglio

  • All transportation between airport and hotel (public transportation)

Airport to Airport Package from Milan Private

+ 2 days


  • 2 nights 3-star hotel in Madonna di Campiglio

  • All transportation between airport, hotel and trailhead (private transportation)

This add-on lowers the Responsible Travel Score from 14 to 11 points

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  • Add on an extra night at a hut included in the itinerary

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  • Emergency response and rescue

  • Flights

  • Beverages

  • Any meals not specified

  • Sheets at mountain huts (a sleeping bag liner or travel sheet is required: read more)

  • Fees for any additional transportation used during the hiking tour, such as lifts, gondolas, and buses

  • Some accommodations charge tourist or city taxes that must be paid on site. These rarely exceed 2€ per person per night  


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