BT3 Breweries of Bavaria Bike Tour

GO cycle to our favorite breweries in Bavaria

GO experience the Alps · GO live your bucket list · GO where your colleagues can't find you

Bicycle Tour in Bavaria
Breweries of Bavaria Bicycle Tour
Self-guided bike tour in Germany
Brewery bike tour
Bike tour in Bavaria
Self-guided bike tour in Germany


  • GO cycle to 7 of Bavaria's best breweries

  • GO  enjoy routes away from heavy traffic, that take advantage of Germany's great network of cycling paths

  • GO  enjoy two nights on an island on the "Bavarian Sea"

Bavaria is famous for beer, but we think Bavaria should be famous for bike touring as well. We combine the best of both worlds by taking advantage of the great bicycle route infrastructure to get our customers to the best brews. In addition to making a visit to Augustiner and Paulaner in Munich, this route leads to breweries in monasteries, and in a convent located on an island in what the locals call, the Bavarian Sea.

This bike tour leads to 7 breweries altogether, and we will arrange tours of those breweries whenever possible. In some cases, as is the case for both Paulaner and Augustiner, there is no public access to the breweries, and the tour instead goes to the restaurant officially associated with that brewery. 

This tour is only available for cyclists aged 18 and older. 

Cyclists interested in getting as many brewery tours as possible, should aim toward building a group of 10 or 15, which will allow us to arrange private tours at many of the breweries.


11 days


April to October


Munich, Germany

Physical Condition

Technical Difficulty

Skills & Experience Required

-General cycling and navigation skills

-Basic bicycle Repair (recommended)

Responsible Travel Score

13/15 Responsible Travel Leader

Responsible Travel Scorecard

Safety Briefing

Only 20% payment due

at the time of booking!

Breweries of Bavaria Bicycle Tour Itinerary

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Included in all packages

  • Exclusive access to tours in a navigation app, even when offline

  • Personalized eGuidebook containing maps, daily itinerary, accommodation information and more

  • GPX File

  • Carbon offsetting for your tour (1 metric ton per customer)

  • Optional Airport to Airport full service booking

  • Booking and logistics assistance during your tour

  • Unlimited time spent answering your questions

  • Peace of mind by leaving the planning and booking to local experts

  • More time for the important things in life 

*Last-minute booking fees apply when booked less than two months in advance:

Within 2 months of tour start date: 50€ per person

Within 1 month of tour start date: 100€ per person


Airport to Airport Package from Munich Public

+2 days


  • 2 nights 2-star hotel in Munich

  • All transportation between Munich Airport and hotels (public transportation)

Airport to Airport Package from Munich Private

2 days


  • 2 nights 3-star hotel in Munich

  • All transportation between Munich Airport and hotels (private transportation)

This add-on lowers the Responsible Travel Score from 13 to 11 points



Extra per night in Munich during Oktoberfest

Touring Bicycle Rental


E-Bicycle Rental


Set of Panniers Rental


Rental bicycles and panniers cannot be picked up or dropped off on Sundays

All prices are per person

*Private transportation packages require a minimum of double occupancy

Not included

  • Fees for any additional transportation

  • Repair service

  • Support vehicle

  • Paper map

  • Flights

  • Beverages

  • Any meals not specified

  • Some accommodations charge tourist or city taxes that must be paid on site. These rarely exceed 2€ per person per night