BT1 Across the Alps on a Touring Bike - 

Garmisch to Lake Garda


  • Cross the Alps following a historic Roman trading route, considered to be the easiest Alps crossing on a bicycle

  • Begin the tour at the base of impressive mountains in the picturesque mountain town of Garmisch, Germany, cycling then through Austria, and finally through vineyards in Italy, where the route ends at one of northern Italy's most visited desinations, Lake Garda

  • Choose to skip the long, uphill passages by taking a shuttle up and over the passes (additional cost)

This fantastic bicycle tour across the Alps sticks almost entirely to bicycle trails and farm roads, making it a great tour for beginners and active families alike. As one of the longest established bike tours across the Alps, this tour offers signage and routing that we have yet to match anywhere else, allowing cyclist the capacity to enjoy every kilometer to the fullest.


The tour starts in the idyllic town of Garmisch, Germany and ends at one of the grand lakes of northern Italy, Lake Garda. Along the way cyclists are treated to quaint villages, incredible views, and first-class cycling paths.

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Only 20% payment due at the time of booking!

Garmisch to Lake Garda - Day 4

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*When booked 3 or more months in advance

**The term "room" at a mountain hut varies greatly from hut to hut. Please see the itinerary for more information on what"room" means at each of the huts. Please keep in mind that these book quickly. When there is no availability, you may end up in the dormitory.

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