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10 Reasons to Finally Book that Ski Trip to the Alps

If you haven’t skied in the Alps yet, you really don’t know what you are missing. Colorado and Utah ski resorts may be famous for their powder, but the Alps are famous for just about everything else. Here are ten reasons to hit the slopes in the Alps this year.

Views from the Ischgl ski resort

10. Top-notch infrastructure (think heated chair lifts)

Delicious restaurants serving high-quality local food located right on the slopes (often between lifts), chair lifts with heated seats and wind-protecting bubbles that go over your upper body, paired with easy access to the slopes, definitely set the Alps ski resorts apart from other regions of the world.

9. Ski resorts at glaciers guarantee a long season

Val d’Isere, Ischgl, Stubai, Diavolezza and Saas-Fee are just a few of the 33 ski resorts located on glaciers. These resorts open earlier and close later than other ski resorts and are sure to have great conditions even during seasons with a low snow-pack.

8. Charming local and authentic European villages

Wooden chalets, medieval castles, stately churches and local bakeries (often with chocolate-filled croissants – yum!) are only part of what makes Europe so charming. It’s the little moments that will stand out in your memory the most, like walking back from the local bakery with a steaming Caotina hot chocolate in your hand to the tune of the church bells ringing in the background.

Above Livigno Village

7. Après-ski was invented in the Alps

Après-ski is the after-ski party for EVERYBODY, not just for the partiers. When the lifts close, it’s time to hit the Après-ski bar. Come as you are and be who you are with no judgements. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself dancing to traditional songs you have probably never heard before with a room full of strangers, who in this moment, are your best friends. Some of these new friends will still be in their ski clothes, others in their baselayers and you’ll need to watch out on the dance floor for the few who are still stomping around in their ski boots. After a couple hours of celebration, it’s time for dinner, recovery and sleep. In our opinion, you’ll find the best Après-ski in Austria.

6. Non-skiers will have plenty to do in the villages surrounding areas

The ski villages in the Alps take great care to make sure that everybody enjoys their stay, even the non-skiers. Most ski resorts offer sledding runs and villages often have snowshoeing nearby. There is also the option to take the gondolas up on the mountain and enjoy some of the best high-altitude cuisine the Alps have to offer. Because the ski resorts in the Alps are all above villages, there are plenty of other activities in the village to enjoy during the day. And if somebody runs out of things to do, it is always possible to spend the entire day sampling delicious local specialties.

By the way, sledding in the Alps is very different than sledding in other parts of the world. Check out this sledding video for a more extreme version of sledding in the Alps.

5. Skip the snow driving, and access the slopes via reliable and comfortable public transportation

You won’t believe how phenomenal the public transportation system is in the Alps until you experience it yourself. Not only do you save a significant amount of money by not needing a rental car, but you’ll cut down the stress levels by not having to navigate icy roads at the beginning and end of your day.

Skiing in Italy

4. Delicious food right at the slopes

We should never underestimate the role of delicious food in our quality of life. The same goes for the quality of our vacations. Forget that overpriced cafeteria burger at U.S. ski resorts, and indulge in delicious local specialties, even in the middle of your run. My personal favorites are rösti in Switzerland, Kaiserschmarrn in Austria, classic crêpes in France and that bowl of homemade pasta in Italy is sure to provide adequate fuel for the remainder of the day.

3. It’s not as expensive as you may think

Not only is it possible for the savvy shopper to find less expensive flights in the winter (think 600 USD round trip), but it also is not necessary to rent a car.

2. The views

I have traveled much of the world and have been in many beautiful places, but I can’t recall any site more beautiful than the Alps on a sunny, winter day. In just one short glance, it is possible to see hundreds of jagged peaks in layers unfolding into the distance, probably even across the border into the next country. It’ll stop you in your tracks and take your breath away.

1. Vertical drops of over 4,000 ft. are common

And vertical drops of over 6,000 ft. are possible. That means more time shredding on the slopes and less time standing in line and sitting on the lift. What more could you want out of a ski vacation?

Skiing in Austria

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