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Best of the Dolomites Trek 9-day Standard Itinerary HHT12-9

Hiking Tre Cime di Lavaredo
Hiking Lago di Sorapis
Hiking in the Dolomites
Hiking Seceda
Best of the Dolomites


  • GO hike to the Dolomites’ most cherished sites
  • GO combine pieces of the Alta Via 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9 paths into one continuous and epic trek
  • GO immerse yourself in the beauty and the charm of the Italian Dolomites

Beginning at the celebrated Seceda Viewpoint, the Best of the Dolomites Trek heads east, passing the World War I historic sites in the Passo Falzarego area, visiting the charming mountain town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, stopping at the azure blue waters of Lago di Sorapis and then ending near the three peaks of the famed Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The route is continuous and follows sections of the Alta Via 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9 paths and generally avoids sketchy and technical terrain, which can be a real challenge in the Dolomites. There are NO via ferratas on this route.


This is the perfect tour for those who have already done the Alta Via 1 and want more time in the Dolomites, or for those who are looking for an alternative to the Alta Via 1. The huts on this route tend to have more availability and can be booked after most of the huts on the Alta Via 1 are full.


This route has a few distinct advantages over the Alta Via 1:

-The Best of the Dolomites Trek passes through 2 towns along the way, providing opportunities to resupply. The Alta Via 1 does not have any practical resupply options

-There are 5 lifts along the route that give hikers the option for a break

-The accommodations along this route are generally more comfortable than the huts along the Alta Via 1. The Classic Package on the Best of the Dolomites Trek is a big step up from the Classic Package on the Alta Via 1, and offers several accommodation options with en-suite bathrooms


The two disadvantages this route has when compared to the Alta Via 1:

-There are a few sections of trail that are more rugged than what our main routing on the Alta Via 1 offers. This includes a few sections that are slightly exposed and have cables to hold for extra security (no special equipment is needed) and there are quite a few sections of trail that are very rugged and require a slower pace and extra attention. We recommend watching the video of the Best of the Dolomites Trek to gain a better understanding of these challenges

-As this is not a major published route, route finding requires a little more attention than on the Alta Via 1. For attentive hikers, it is not complex and should not be problematic, but it does require care. For this reason, we consider the Alta Via 1 to be the better option for solo hikers in the Dolomites


The 9-day itinerary is our standard itinerary. Check out the 7-day itinerary for fit and experienced hikers only, or the 12-day itinerary for those looking for easier days and a more relaxed pace.


Length        9 days

Season        mid-June to mid-September

Airport       Airport: Venice, Italy

Physical Condition

Technical Difficulty


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Responsible Travel Score:
12/15 Responsible Travel Leader
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Updated: May 29th, 2024

We are still successfully booking this itinerary for August and September in 2024! Due to limited availbility, we are no longer accepting new bookings for a start date prior to July 27th.
Availability is extremely restricted on this route so we recommend providing us with a flexible date range of at least 2 weeks. In some cases, a longer hiking day and/or off-trail accommodation may be necessary to make an itinerary work.
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We offer many other trekking tours that still have plenty of availability for the summer. We recommend our Culinary Delight Hut Hiking Tour, Tour des Combins, Tour of the Vanoise, Bernese Oberland Traverse and Hut to Hut in Switzerland tours. 

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