WHT9 France Snowshoe Tour

GO Snowshoeing in France

GO experience the Alps · GO live your bucket list · GO where your colleagues can't find you


  • GO experience family-friendly snowshoeing with luggage transportation available throughout most of the trip

  • GO minimizes the risk of winter travel, by following our route that avoids avalanche-prone terrain and by following well-marked trails

  • GO  enjoy the winter magic of a French region known for great cheese and even better wine 

Pairing the magic of winter with simplicity and accessibility, this snowshoe tour through enchanting landscapes will take you to various charming mountain huts and comfortable bed and breakfasts, as you traverse through some of the best snowshoeing terrain France has to offer. The well-marked trails on this tour that lead through gentle topography, as well as the option for luggage transportation that is available on all but one leg, add to the comfort of easy to moderate snowshoeing days. This tour is recommended for all adventurers with a sufficient fitness level and proper gear for winter conditions. The tour can also be shortened as needed.

Technical Difficulty

Physical Condition

Only 20% payment due at the time of booking!

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*When booked 2 or more months in advance

**The term "room" at a mountain hut varies greatly from hut to hut. Please see the itinerary for more information on what"room" means at each of the huts. Please keep in mind that these book quickly. When there is no availability, you may end up in the dormitory.

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