WHT4 Glacier Backcountry Ski Traverse in Austria and Switzerland

GO backcountry skiing across glaciers

GO experience the Alps · GO live your bucket list · GO where your colleagues can't find you


  • GO ski from Austria to Switzerland and back

  • GO  enjoy relatively easy slopes (30-degrees) with the option to increase the challenge by summiting multiple nearby 3,000-meter peaks

  • GO conveniently with easy and fast access from Innsbruck


Enjoy five nights in some of the best huts in the Alps while traversing glaciers on backcountry skis; choosing from a variety of summit possibilities. This tour travels through a winter wonderland in Austria and Switzerland.


Photos Copyright Silvretta-Bielerhöhe – Alexander Kaiser

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Physical Condition

Only 20% payment due at the time of booking!

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*When booked 2 or more months in advance

**The term "room" at a mountain hut varies greatly from hut to hut. Please see the itinerary for more information on what "room" means at each of the huts. Please keep in mind that these book quickly. When there is no availability, you may end up in the dormitory.

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