HHT2 Culinary Delight Hut Hiking Tour

With a focus on cuisine from recipes introduced to the huts by world-renowned Michelin-star chefs, this hut-to-hut tour promises to deliver mouthwatering calorie intake in the evenings, offset by breathtaking scenery and a good calorie burn during the day. Five of the six huts on this tour are visited in early July by top chefs from around the world, who prepare specialties with local ingredients for the guests. The recipes stay at the huts throughout the season, and the huts all have a wide variety of other dishes that include local ingredients. In order to facilitate flexibility in culinary options, the price of this tour does not include most meals (this will change in 2018, as we have negotiated prices to include the top cuisine picks).


This tour requires a good fitness level, and the ability to navigate in high-alpine terrain. There are two standard routings on this tour: one that includes good trails, and another one for the more adventurous which includes exposure and adrenaline.


Adventurers interested in doing the tour while the chefs are at the huts should contact us, and book as early as possible due to availability. 


This tour can be heavily customized to meet just about any fitness and desired comfort level.


Price before tax: 385.71€


Culinary photo credit - Tourismusverband Paznaun - Ischgl

  • The prices included in this tour are for travel in and out of the Innsbruck Airport (flights are not included). This tour offers Munich as an alternative airport, which can be added as a customization, and may be less expensive than traveling through Innsbruck.


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