Cancellation Policy

At Alpenventures UNGUIDED, we want to make your adventure as worry-free as possible. With that, we offer as flexible a cancellation schedule as we possibly can, considering the time-intensive tour booking process in working with huts and other family-owned accommodations.

Special Circumstances - COVID19 Postponement Policy


The  Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic has created a special situation. We don't know yet what travel will look like for summer 2020, but we do know that we will not have a vaccine. For this reason, we believe that choosing to travel this year needs to be a personal decision that each Alpenventures UNGUIDED customer makes. We are allowing customers who have booked tours for summer 2020 or 2021 to postpone their tour for up to 26 months without financial penalty. This postponement can be done at any time for any reason. Prices will be locked in for the next 26 months to the price on the customer's invoice. Alpenventures UNGUIDED will absorb the financial impact of any lost deposits that we have already paid for our customers’ affected tours.

All customers are advised to purchase travel insurance that will cover their costs in the case of a necessary cancellation.

Unforeseeable Factors: Outdoor adventure itineraries are subject to a variety of unforeseeable factors, such as changes in hut opening seasons and trail closures. Should any changes be required to a trip for reasons excluding weather and safety conditions, Alpenventures GmbH will work with the customer to find a suitable alternative or will refund the deposit in full.

Conditions and Safety:  Alpenventures GmbH customers are expected to be prepared to adventure in a variety of weather conditions, as long as it is safe. Safe alpine conditions cannot be guaranteed and Alpenventures GmbH will not provide any compensation or incur any extra costs if a trip is not fulfilled as planned due to conditions. However, safety is important to us, and Alpenventures GmbH will support our customers in re-booking huts and accommodations as much as possible if the customer and Alpenventures GmbH together deem the conditions as unsafe.*

*Unsafe conditions are dependent on the activity and can include avalanche danger levels for winter tours, thunderstorms during tours that include summits or high and exposed terrain, or low visibility during tours requiring advanced navigation skills. In most cases, unless extreme or related to climbing or snowpack conditions, rain will not be considered an unsafe condition.

Date Changes


 Alpenventures GmbH does not have an obligation to accommodate date changes. Should a date change be required by the customer; the following fee schedule applies:

  • More than 30 days prior to the trip start date: 50€ per person administrative fee*, not to exceed 20% of the cost of the tour

  • Between 29 and 12 days prior to the trip start date: 100€ per person administrative fee*

  • Less than 12 days prior to the trip start date: We will do our best to accommodate your needs, and will provide you with a quote to include the sum of any cancellation fees plus a 150€ per person administrative fee* 


Customer Cancellation


Alpenventures GmbH understands that surprises occur in life. We offer the following cancellation policy: 

  • More than 30 days prior to the trip start date: we will grant you a full refund less a 100€ per person administrative fee*, not to exceed 20% of the cost of the tour, and less any nonrefundable deposits already paid by Alpenventures GmbH

  • Between 29 and 12 days prior to the trip start date: we will retain 80 percent of the trip cost 

  • Less than 12 days prior to the trip start date or once the trip has begun: there will be no refund


*Administrative fees will not be charged for cancellations that are the result of what qualify under German law as “Hoeherer Gewalt,” or extreme circumstance (an Act of God). Customers may have the possibility to cancel without an Administrative Fee penalty fee in cases such as a major national disaster, a war or terrorist attack that impacts the direct area of the tour. In cases of “Hoeherer Gewalt,” both the Alpenventures GmbH and the Customer have the right to cancel. The balance of outstanding expenses, such as non-refundable deposits, will be split evenly between both parties.

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